4.5 reasons you should invest in a Press Brake from Yawei

A good client of ours recently invested in their second Yawei machine. This Press Brake will sit alongside the servo-electric punching machine already installed in their facility (see pictured below). This got us thinking, what is it people love about Yawei and its range of equipment? Here are 4.5 reasons our guys came up with after dropping off this press brake machine

Yawei Press Brake Install

1. History

Yawei has been producing high-end sheet metal processing machine tools since 1956. This makes it one of the oldest established businesses in the industry. They now supply some of the largest sheet metal fabricators globally through their massive distribution network. They’ve learnt a lot in this time and continue to innovate with new and better ways to work with metal. This history truly is a stamp of a quality product.

2. Scalability

Yawei machines are built to scale up your business. Just take the above example. The customer has seamlessly integrated a Press Brake machine alongside their Yawei servo-electric punching machine. The punching machine already has an automatic load/unload system (seen in the background of the above image) which has allowed them to increase output through a more efficient work process. Investing in Yawei has meant scaling up their business whilst making a quick return on their investment.

Yawei Press Brake install montage

3. Variety

Being able to source multiple machines from one manufacturer is great. We’ve seen customers who love the familiarity, possibility for integration and support they can get. Yawei produces high-end, smart and automatic machines including (but not limited to) CNC turret punching machines, CNC press brakes, CNC laser cutting machines, and automatic coil lines. Need we say more?

4. Growth

Yawei is growing and so will your business when investing in their equipment. The company is successfully listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange and is the first public company in the sheet metal forming machine-tools industry in China to accomplish this. They have 1,300 employees and have been successively awarded as Advanced Group in the Chinese Machinery Industry, Advanced Unit for Quality Control in China, and TOP 30 in Machine-Tool Industry in China. Impressed? You should be confident that investing in Yawei means you’re investing in a company that is here to stay.

Yawei Press Brake Install

4.5. Press and Shear

Ok, so this one is less about Yawei and more about us (hence the .5). Our team are the experts in all things Yawei Press Brakes and more. This means that when you invest in your new sheet metal machinery with us, you also invest in the service and support we offer. This is essential in helping your business run at maximum efficiency. From helping you find the right machine to installation and firing it up, we’re on hand to help.

Get in touch today for a chat about your sheet metal machinery requirements. Our team are happy to advise you on the best solutions and can even book in a showroom visit should you want to get more hands-on with your potential investment.