Used Sheet Metal Machinery

Welcome to the world of Press & Shear, your trusted destination for a wide range of pre-used and ex-demonstration machines. We understand that value matters and that’s why we proudly offer a carefully curated selection of cost-effective solutions that don’t compromise on quality.

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Used Sheet Metal Folders for sale

RAS 73.30 Flexibend

Introducing the RAS 73.30 Flexibend folding machine – a versatile solution for metal fabrication. With a 3mm mild steel capacity and up to 3200mm bending length, it delivers precision and efficiency. Equipped with folding beam crowning, 1500mm back gauge, and System 7000 control, it ensures accurate bends.

The machine has been expertly serviced and is ready for a new home. Elevate your metal folding capabilities with the RAS 73.30 Flexibend – a perfect combination of efficiency and quality in one package.

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RAS 62.30 Turbobend plus

Meet the RAS 62.30 Turbobend Plus – an impressive used equipment item for metal fabrication. With a 2mm capacity and up to 3200mm bending length, it offers versatility and precision. Equipped with a System 6000 control, 1500mm back gauge, and essential tooling, it ensures seamless operation.

This RAS has been carefully refurbished with attention to key components, ensuring great performance for a used machine. Elevate your metal fabrication setup with the rejuvenated RAS 62.30 Turbobend Plus – where efficiency and top-notch quality converge flawlessly.

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Used Press Brakes

Guifil PE15.30

Unleash the potential of your sheet metal fabrication with the Guifil PE15.30 Up-stroking Press brake. With a 1500mm bending length and 30 tons of force, this powerhouse delivers precision and strength. Featuring the Pro Mek 402 control system, front light guards, rear fences, and euro-style tooling compatibility, it ensures efficient and safe operation.

Quality-checked and performance-tested by our experts, the Guifil PE15.30 is your go-to solution for elevated metal fabrication capabilities.

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Mebusa 40.20

Discover the potential of the Mebusa 40.20 Up-stroking Press brake. With a 2000mm bending length and a formidable 40 tons of force, this machine offers precision and power for your metal fabrication needs. Equipped with a manual front-operated back gauge, light guards, rear fences, and compatibility with Euro-style tooling, it ensures efficient operation and enhanced safety.

Carefully refurbished to ensure optimal performance and reliability, the Mebusa 40.20 Press brake is your gateway to elevating your metal fabrication capabilities. Unlock a world of possibilities with this exceptional machine at your disposal.

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This Durma Down-stroking Press brake is a rare treat that will be snapped up quickly. With a massive 4000mm bending length and a robust 300-ton capacity, this machine delivers unrivalled precision and strength. Featuring an Elgo control system for precise X and Y movement, as well as a selection of tooling, it offers versatility for various bending applications.

Elevate your metal fabrication capabilities with the Durma Down-stroking Press brake and achieve exceptional results with ease.

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Used Sheet Metal Guillotine Shears

Adira swing beam shear

With a 6mm x 3000mm capacity, this machine delivers exceptional cutting performance. Complete with a 1000mm back gauge, squaring and support arms, and rear guards, it ensures accurate and safe operation.

Elevate your metal fabrication capabilities with the Adira Swing Beam Shear and achieve outstanding cutting results effortlessly.

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Kingsland Variable rake shear

A cutting-edge solution for your metal shearing needs. With a robust 6mm x 3000mm capacity, this machine delivers exceptional cutting precision and performance. Equipped with a 1000mm back gauge, squaring, and support arms, this shear ensures accurate and efficient cutting operations. It provides the versatility and flexibility required to tackle a wide range of metal-cutting tasks with ease.

Upgrade your metal fabrication setup with the Kingsland Variable Rake Shear and unlock new possibilities for precision cutting. Experience enhanced productivity and outstanding results, all in one reliable machine.

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Second hand ducting and forming machines

RAS 25.15 Seam closing machine

Your solution for precise and efficient closing of longitudinal seams on round tubes. With a 1mm capacity and up to 1520mm length, this machine ensures seamless and accurate seam closure.

Designed specifically for round tubes, the RAS 25.15 excels in providing reliable and high-quality results. Whether you’re working on small or large-scale projects, this machine offers the precision and performance you need to achieve outstanding seam closures.

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Punch press tooling

Discover a vast selection of used punch press tooling, specifically tailored for thick turret-style machines. This comprehensive collection provides you with a wide range of options to meet your punching needs.

From standard to specialised tooling, this selection encompasses various shapes and sizes, allowing you to achieve precise and efficient punching operations. Each piece of tooling has been carefully inspected to ensure quality and performance.

Upgrade your punching capabilities with our extensive range of used punch press tooling, designed for thick turret-style machines. Experience the versatility and reliability of these tools as they enable you to enhance your productivity and achieve exceptional results.

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Used Sheet Metal Fabrication Equipment FAQ

What sort of condition are these machines in?

These used machines have a history and have been in use for extended periods, some spanning decades. As a result, it’s important to note that their appearance may not be in pristine condition, and they may exhibit signs of wear and tear. However, at Press and Shear, our expert team is dedicated to servicing and replacing the essential parts that ensure the functionality of these machines.

Can I come and see the machines?

We invite you to come and see these machines in action for yourself. Seeing their performance firsthand can provide reassurance of their capabilities, even if their external appearance shows some signs of use. Opting for one of these pre-loved or ex-demo machines presents an excellent opportunity to achieve substantial cost savings while still acquiring a machine that fundamentally functions as intended.

We believe in transparency and want to ensure that you have realistic expectations. These machines may bear the marks of their previous use, but our commitment to their quality and functionality remains unwavering.

Why choose used sheet metal equipment?

If you’re eager to maximise savings without compromising performance, our collection of pre-used and ex-demonstration machines is here to impress. With these remarkable offerings, you can harness the power of top-notch machinery while keeping your budget in check. Say goodbye to hefty price tags and hello to the perfect fit for your business.

Our Values

At Press & Shear, we believe that every project deserves the best tools, regardless of the budget. That’s why our team meticulously sources and inspects each machine, ensuring they meet our stringent quality standards. With our expertise and dedication, you can be confident that the machines we offer are not only cost-effective but also reliable and ready to tackle your toughest challenges.

Can’t find what you’re after?

Discover the hidden gems within our stock, carefully chosen to bring you the best value. From pre-used machines that have proven their worth over time to ex-demonstration models that have barely seen the spotlight, you’ll find an array of options waiting to serve as your business’s trusted workhorses. Can’t find what you’re after? Give the team a call ASAP as it might be sitting in our warehouse waiting to be listed.

Ready to re-home a sheet metal machine?

Why compromise when you can save? Embrace the perfect harmony of quality and affordability at Press & Shear. Explore our exceptional collection of pre-used and ex-demonstration machines, and unlock incredible possibilities while keeping your hard-earned money where it belongs – in your pocket.

Together, let’s redefine the way you acquire machinery because, at Press & Shear, we believe that outstanding performance shouldn’t come at an outrageous cost.


Navigating the world of used machinery can feel overwhelming. Concerns about equipment condition, reasons for return, and available support can leave you uncertain.

Rest assured, our dedicated team is here to address all of your inquiries and ensure your complete confidence throughout the purchasing process. We prioritise your peace of mind, ensuring that you receive the right machine — a quality unit refurbished by our expert engineers, fully prepared to serve your business needs.

Contacting us is simple. For personalised assistance, feel free to give us a call at 01827 250000. Alternatively, explore the machines listed above or choose from the options below to embark on your machinery acquisition journey.

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