Used Sheet Metal Machinery

Press & Shear stock a selection of pre-used and ex-demonstration machines.
If you’re looking to save some money then these machines are a perfect fit.

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Used Sheet Metal Folders for sale

Fully Refurbished RAS 73.30 Flexibend folding machine

3mm mild steel capacity with up to 3200mm bending length. The machine includes automatic crowning, 3200mm back gauge, system 6000 control, and segmented tooling.

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RAS Turbobend Model 61.31

We’re big fans of RAS and that is in part because of just how well these machines age. This Turbobend Model 61.31 boasts a 3150mm bending length, up to 1.5mm M/S capacity and works like new. A 1000mm back gauge and 6000 touch & more CNC control make this a very capable machine for any business.

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Used Press Brakes

Durma 4m x 300t Used Press Brake

A down stroking torsion bar machine with Elgo control for X and Y movement. A selection of tooling is available. Enquire now for more information.

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Guifil PE25.63 Used Brake Press

Up-stroking used pressbrake with a 2500mm bending length x 63 tonnes. The Guifil PE25.63 comes complete with Hurco Autobend 7 and X/Y axis control. Front light guards and rear fences are fitted and this machine accepts euro-style tooling.

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Used Sheet Metal Guillotine Shears

Adira swing beam used shear

This Adira swing beam shear guillotine has a capacity of 6mm x 3000mm and includes 1000mm back gauge squaring and support arms and rear guards.

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Kingsland Guillotine Shear

This Kingsland KTSX 3006 will go fast so call now for the best price on 01827 250000. The 3000mm x 6mm capacity and 1000mm back gauge are backed up by squaring and support arms, making this a super capable machine.

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Second hand ducting and forming machines

RAS 25.15 Seam closing machine

This RAS seam-closing machine has an impressive 1520mm working length with an even more impressive 1mm capacity. It has been serviced by our experts and approved for resale. This is a bargain for anyone after a seam-closing machine.

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Ways to purchase Used Sheet Metal Machinery

Buying used machinery can be a daunting task. You will have a lot of about the condition of the equipment, why it was returned, what support you get and more. 

That is why our team remain on hand to answer all of your questions an ensure you are total confident.

That means confident you are getting the right machine and that you are getting a quality machine, refurbished by our expert engineers to good as new condition and ready to serve your business.

There are a number of ways to get in touch. If you prefer to pick up the phone you can call us on 01827 250000. Otherwise you can find a machine above or choose an option below.

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