What is UpDown bending technology?

A number of our folding machines boast UpDown bending technology. This simply means the folding beam can bend in both a positive and negative direction.

With the new double-monitoring safety system, front operation with UpDown bending technology is not only possible but super safe and efficient!


What are the advantages of UpDown Bending Technology?

UpDown Bending Technology has many advantages for your business. It can improve operator safety while increasing output through smarter operations. As a result, you can also gain saving in time, money and resources through increased efficiencies.

Highlights include: 

  • No material flipping required
  • A program-controlled folding beam pendulum movement with zero setup time
  • Deep folding beam for perfect bending accuracy
  • Quick and easy operation, meaning shorter cycle times
  • Automatic folding sequence per station and part side
  • Passing pre-bent flanges (150 mm folding beam stroke)

Which Folding Machine is right for you?

If you need any questions answered or to discuss UpDown Bending Technology or your Folding Machine requirements, please contact us today on 01827 250000 or using our online contact form.

What machines offer UpDown Bending Technology?



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