The RAS UpDownCenter-2 is an incredible machine. It is capable of bending the perfect radii, even when you are working with highly sensitive materials.

The RAS UpDownCenter-2 not only bends panels and boxes up to 4060 mm in length and up to 600 mm in height with up to 4 mm sheet steel. The automatic bending can be up and down and the Bendex software automatically programs the bending processes based on an imported STEP file. But that’s not all.

RAS UpDownCenter-2 bends perfect radii example metal sheet

Bending parts with radius

Sharp-edged bends and radii can be combined in one bent part without the need to change tools.

Perfect radii are always obtained on the outside. Sometimes, however, the inside of the radius is visible and should be designed to be optically flawless.

RAS UpDownCenter-2 bends perfect radii box example

Bend sharp edges and radii in one go

See the RAS UpDownCenter-2 in action:

The elastic heel leaves no traces on the inner surface of the material when bending the radii, resulting in a visually flawless inner surface when step bending!

Example f how the elastic heel leaves no traces on the inner surface of the material when bending the radii

RAS has also developed the swivel foot corner tools with a rear plastic heel for a visually flawless inside. The below image highlights the swivel foot corner tool with a plastic heel.

the swivel foot corner tool with a plastic heel

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