For 35 years, Promal has been offering innovative and high-quality furnishing solutions for office and cultural institutions, including bookshops, libraries, universities, museums, schools and archives.

The company offers everything from individual furnishing modules to entire turnkey systems. Promal places great importance on careful planning. They believe a solution should not only cover today’s requirements but also include flexibility for future demands.

This success story highlights their commitment to innovation, high-quality solutions, and their goal to be true partners with their customers. We’ll also explore their dedication to the entire production process, from planning to cutting, bending, packaging and fitting.

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Commitment to Metal Furniture

Since 1986, Promal has been at the forefront of the design, production, and marketing of metal furniture. Over the last decade, their production capabilities have significantly advanced. The passion driving Promal’s continuous improvement has led them to offer exceptional value as more than just a supplier.

Complete Production Process

Differentiating itself from competitors, Promal takes pride in managing the entire production process, from project ideas to cutting, bending, and painting, at their Pianezza factory. This commitment to excellence ensures that every piece of furniture is meticulously crafted and tailored to customers’ specific needs. Furthermore, Promal’s dedicated team of fitters offers on-site assembly, delivering turnkey solutions. With 100% Italian design, Promal guarantees a complete service and meticulous attention to detail throughout the production cycle.

Embracing New Challenges

In the last ten years, the market has repeatedly presented the Italian company with new challenges. Like many other manufacturers in the metal furniture industry, it had to learn to deal with completely new requirements. This mainly revolved around the quantities that needed to be produced. The management team needed to design completely different production processes that worked side by side.

Transformative Bending Technology

Promal incorporated cutting-edge bending technology into their operations. The introduction of RAS’ advanced bending center, specifically the RAS 79.26-2 Multibend-Center, marked a turning point for Promal. This automated folding machine unleashed unparalleled potential, enabling Promal to penetrate new markets and expand its product offerings.

Unmatched Precision and Flexibility

The RAS Bending Center empowers Promal to achieve positive and negative bends with unmatched precision, without damaging the material surface. Its standard tooling ensures maximum design flexibility, and the machine’s capabilities extend to pentagons, hexagons, conical parts, internal bends, radii, and more. With the servo-electric Multibend Center, Promal excels in both individual and mass production, delivering perfect reproductions and outperforming hydraulic press brakes in terms of repeatability and productivity.

Machines Designed for Success

Part of Promal’s success was the decision to invest in the best equipment from the experts at RAS. It meant they were working with machines that met their unique needs and production processes. They were able to build a tailored solution that addressed bottlenecks and enhanced efficiency. Part of this was introducing a servo-electric press brake for profile-like bent parts, significantly improving quality and flexibility.

Continued Growth

Recognising the ongoing need for increased efficiency and productivity, Promal invested in a new sheet metal fibre laser machine, further propelling their growth. The introduction of the fibre laser has not only elevated the quality of their cutting department but also transformed their operational approach. With increased productivity in cutting, Promal then identified a new bottleneck in bending.

To address this challenge, Promal made another strategic investment, this time in a second RAS Multibend Center, equipped with intelligent robots. One robot handles loading the blanks, while the other handles unloading and palletising the bent parts. This evolutionary step has allowed Promal to balance capacity between flat part production and bending efficiency, ensuring optimal utilisation of both bending centers.

Maximising Speed, Versatility, and Flexibility

Promal strategically utilises the second bending center for larger batch production, harnessing its speed and productivity characteristics. The original 2.5m working area bending center now primarily focuses on smaller series that demand versatility and flexibility. Thanks to the RAS bending centers, Promal effortlessly fulfils various requirements, including rapid prototyping for new furniture designs.

Promal’s success story exemplifies the transformative impact the cutting-edge equipment manufacturer by RAS can have when combined with the right expertise. By partnering with experts, Promal has achieved unparalleled precision, flexibility, and productivity in metal furniture production, bringing innovative solutions to their customers’ furniture needs, and further enriching their catalogue.

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