Yawei PBC Series CNC Press Brakes CNC Screen

Yawei CNC system

  • 10.4 “TFT LCD sc-reens
  • 800 x600 lattice
  • 500 MHZ processor
  • Storage capacity of 256 MB

Yawei PBC Series CNC Press Brake form carrier

Step by step from the former carrier adjustment

Standard configuration for step-by-step from the adjustment before the carrier.

double V - type

Under the double V – type “T” quick change clamping way

Lower die adopts double V quick change clamping method, optional single V mechanical clamping or single V hydraulic clamping way, optional V lower die more wide workbench clamping way.

Yawei PBC Press Brake Quick grip on mould machinery

The quick grip on mould machinery

Mould clamping device on the standard configuration for a mechanical quick grip.

Yawei PBC Press Brake Behind the double linear guide

Behind the double linear guide

Numerical control shaft adopts ac servo motor drive, precision ball screw, and linear guide oriented.

  • Shaft: X r.
  • Speed: 300 mm/s 60 mm/s
  • Stroke: 10-500 – mm to 200 mm

Yawei PBC Press Brake SVP one-way servo pump control

SVP one-way servo pump control technology

Use a servo motor instead of the conventional motor oil pump motor. See the real-time control of motor speed, reduce the pump wheels, the bending machine and energy saving, as well as high efficiency, and stable characteristics.

SVP is the best cost-effective energy-saving hydraulic bending control technology.

Technical Specs

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Bending force800KN1100KN1100KN1600KN1600KN2200KN2200KN
Bending length2550mm3100mm4100mm3100mm4100mm3100mm4100mm
Distance between upright2150mm2600mm3600mm2600mm3600mm2600mm3600mm
Throat depth350mm410mm410mm410mm410mm410mm410mm
Die setting height495mm535mm535mm535mm535mm545mm545mm
Stroke of ram Y axis175mm215mm215mm215mm215mm215mm215mm
Stroke of backgauge X axis500mm500mm500mm500mm500mm500mm500mm
Stroke of backgauge R axis200mm200mm200mm200mm200mm200mm200mm
Approach speed of Y axis200mm/s200mm/s200mm/s170mm/s170mm/s130mm/s130mm/s
Bending speed of Y axis18mm/s17mm/s17mm/s14mm/s14mm/s13mm/s13mm/s
Return speed of Y axis200mm/s200mm/s200mm/s180mm/s180mm/s150mm/s150mm/s
X axis speed300mm/s300mm/s300mm/s300mm/s300mm/s300mm/s300mm/s
R axis speed60mm/s60mm/s60mm/s60mm/s60mm/s60mm/s60mm/s
Main motor power6.5kw8.4kw8.4kw12kw12kw15kw15kw
Oil tank volume200L200L300L300L400L300L400L
Overall dimension3140×1540×2430mm3610×1550×2735mm4610×1550×2785mm3630×1600×2785mm4630×1600×2835mm3650×1850×2845mm4650×1850×2945mm

Backgauge axis can be added as option, the speed can be programmed.


Yawei CNC Press Brake – PBC 220T x 4100mm 6-Axis

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