Servo electric operation

Servo electric motor and drives offers a number of advantages over that of the conventional hydraulic machine, due to the lack of oil, filters, pumps etc., maintenance time, and costs, are greatly reduced, this combined with the lower power consumption, precise ram control of speed, stroke and position, provides the highest punching and forming performance, at the lowers running costs


The HPE punching machine is equipped with the latest Siemens 840D CNC control.

Frame structure 

The accuracy of the machine starts with the frame construction. The Yawei Nisshinbo frame is of an O frame construction, giving high levels of stability and rigidity, once welded and machined the frame is then normalised in a large oven to take out all the stresses created in the manufacturing process 


The turret is manufactured by Nisshinbo in Japan, all the tooling locations are bushed, to allow for future replacement, if required, it is of the thick turret design, and can accommodate the very latest in tooling designs, such as wheel technology, auto index is a standard feature, with optional multitools available

Quick release die holders are a standard feature 


The work table is constructed from nylon brushes with, ball supports, the brush tables give additional support to the sheet with the added benefit of reduced sheet marking and noise, the ball supports help in the loading of the sheet


The X and Y movement of the sheet is controlled by high precision ball screws, guided on linear rails, located within the heavy duty construction of the carriage 

The material is, clamped in position, the clamps being pneumatically operated, with electronic sensors in each clamp, the sensors stop the carriage movement in the event of a sheet out of clamps, the clamps are manually positioned, with an option to have fully automated clamps, if required 

Technical Specs

Normal PressureKN294294294294294294
Max. Processing sheet size (including one repositioning)mm1250×25001250×40001250×50001500×40001500×50002000×5000
Max. processing sheet thicknessCarbon steelmm6.356.356.356.356.356.35
Stainless steelmm444444
Max. Punch diametermmø88.9ø88.9ø88.9ø88.9ø88.9ø88.9
Punch Accuracymm±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1±0.1
Ram stroke ratescpm200020002000200020002000
Punch frequency (1mm step, 6mm punching stroke)cpm700700700700700700
Punch frequency (25.4mm step, 6mm punching stroke)cpm400400400400400400
Maximum speed of the plate movementm/min102102102102102102
Turret speedrpm303030303030
CNC axis5 (X,Y,T,C,Z)5 (X,Y,T,C,Z)5 (X,Y,T,C,Z)5 (X,Y,T,C,Z)5 (X,Y,T,C,Z)5 (X,Y,T,C,Z)
Total power consumptionkW6.
Air recourceMpa0.
Overall dimensionLengthmm541054105410591059106910


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