Blank loading with unique comfort

It has never been that easy loading a blank into a long folder. The stainless steel loading table automatically move out of the machine just as far that the operator can easily load the cut part.

  • Easy material loading
  • Fatigue-free and fast operation
  • One operator for medium size blanks
  • High productivity

Auto blank squaring!

The squaring fingers pop-up from the work surface and automatically 80 mm square the cut blank.

  • Automatic positioning and gauging of blanks
  • Heigh squaring fingers for uneven blanks
  • Secured bending accuracy without operator intervention

Accurate positioning

After the blank is squared the XXL-Center’s grippers take over the workpiece. They hold and automatically position the part for each bend. The grippers can clamp on straight material, but can also clamp on a closed hem. Additional higher grippers can clamp over a pre-bent flange.

  • Normal gripper are sufficient for almost all jobs
  • High grippers can clamp over 25 mm flanges
  • They come in addition to normal grippers
  • Software automatically selects the grippers

Bending up and down

Up and down folding eliminates a need to rotate the parts. Short cycle times, precision flange dimensions and angles, high levels of productivity and low costs per part guarantee a quick payback of the investment.

  • No part flipping required
  • Little swivel movement of folding beams
  • Fast bending sequences
  • High productivity, short payback period

CutModule for XXL-Center

If the CutModule is selected, the software shows where the operator has to insert the material strip. The XXL-Center pulls the metal workpiece into the machine, squares and positions into dimension. The upper beam clamps the material and the cutting unit starts from its right home position and cuts the workpiece to the requested dimension.

  • Cuts blanks to the exact width
  • CutModule can be used up to 1.5 mm mild steel material
  • Cutting gap and overlapping of cutting wheels adjustable
  • Available for 4 and 6 meter models
  • Can be retrofitted on second-generation XXL-Centers

Bending complex parts

RAS has designed XXL-Center with maximum free space in front of the folding beams and has also patented this aspect. The extremely large free area of 300 degrees creates room for the most complex part geometries.

  • Umlimited part design flexibility
  • Folding beam already inside the part for the next bend

Perfect material surfaces

The tools roll away with the blank and fold them without scratching pre-painted materials.

  • Scratch-free bending of sensitive materials
  • No build-up of zinc abrasion
  • No tool wear

Automatic part programming

The operator draws the profile of the touch monitor or in the office using the Office software. The Bendex software automatically programs the part and suggests the optimum bending strategy. The software simulates the entire program cycle in either a 2D or 3D view.

  • Dimensions and angles clearly visible even on complex profiles
  • Automatic programming of the bending sequence with a single mouse-click
  • No bending expertise required
  • Software suggests the best bending strategy with a 5-star ranking
  • 2D or 3D bending sequence simulation
  • Visualising possible collisions
  • With Office-Software: Programming and feasibility study in the office

Program features

The unique and powerful Bendex software automatically programs the parts. Its enormous feature list increases the throughput and productivity of the machine many times over.

  • Material and thickness selection (Auto angle correction)
  • Hems: close, open, drop-shape
  • Radius bending
  • Unfolded blank calculation (inside dimensions)
  • Profile archive, Joblists, Similar part search feature
  • Order processing with Bendex software (Professional / Ultimate)
  • Online-Support via TeamViewer
  • Online Software Updates

Technical Specs

Technical Data XXL-Center (mm)RAS 75.06-2RAS 75.04-2
Working length max.6400 mm4240 mm
Material thickness max (400 N/mm²)1.5 mm1.5 mm
Material thickness max (700 N/mm²)1.0 mm1.0 mm
Material thickness max (200 N/mm²)2.0 mm2.0 mm
Free space in front of the beams up to300°300°
Blank loading tablesyesyes
Automatic blank squaringyesyes
Machine dimensions8600 x 3500 mm6400 x 3500 mm


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