See the Up/Down Center in action:

A dream come true!

The one click programming software is intuitive and ingenious! Simply import a STEP file of the part by Drag & Drop into the software. That’s it! Just click with the mouse and the software programs the entire folding sequence automatically. If there are several ways to bend the part, the software suggests the best folding sequence. A simulation shows the program cycle in 3D.

  • Import of STEP files with automatic recognition of bend lines and bend parameters (Alternatively: DXF, DWG or GEO)
  • Automatic part programming
  • 3D folding sequence simulation
  • No bending expertise required

Bending up and down

  • No material flipping required
  • Quick and easy operation
  • PosLift gauging system

Positioning of small parts

Option small suction cups can be added to the gauging systems’s suction units.

  • Allow safe positioning and banding of small parts
  • Extended range of parts
  • Smaller brush strip
  • Software calculates the use of the small parts suction cups automatically

Part positioning with front suction cups

If very small parts need to be bent, the optional front suction cups will be used.

  • Oval front suction cups at to leading edge of the suction plates
  • Additional round front suction cups for small parts
  • Sucking from the rear of the part
  • Extended range of parts
  • Software calculates the use of the front suction cups automatically

Fast tool change

The two gripper arms of the tool changer take the tools from the magazine and place them precisely in the upper beam. Fast set-up times lead to high productivity and low unit costs.

  • Small batches can be bent profitably
  • Software calculates fastest setup strategy
  • Tools change also within the folding cycle
  • Asymmetrical tool setup possible
  • Tool magazine left and right
  • Automatic tool clamping

Roto-foot corner tools

The roto-foot corner tools can rotate in and out from pre-bent side flanges.

  • Enlarged bending options
  • Four-sided parts with lateral C-bends can be bent
  • Set up by tool changer
  • Flexible position within the working length


The UpDownTools can be programmed for three different working heights. This allows bending of tabs, window bends, oblique blanks, etc.

  • Maximum part design flexibility
  • Different height positions of the UpDownTools right and left
  • Different height positions of the UpDownTools also on one side
  • Quick set-up (tools are automatically clamped)

Technical Specs

Technical Data UpDownCenter (mm)RAS 78.43RAS 78.33
Working length4060 mm3200 mm
Material thickness max (400 N/mm²)3.0 mm4.0 mm
Upper beam upstroke850 mm650 mm
Box height max (four-sided)400 mm400 mm
Gauging systemPosLiftPosLift
Upper beam tool setupautomaticautomatic
Machine dimensions (Rectangular gauging system)7600 x 3000 mm6700 x 3000 mm
Machine dimensions (J gauging system)7600 x 4700 mm6700 x 4700 mm


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