Multibend-Center ECO Highlights:

  • Manual blank loading
  • Manual unloading of bent parts (same side)
  • Automatic blank squaring
  • Automatic UpDown bending sequences
  • Automatic tool setup
  • Highest level of productivity
  • Highest level of precision and repeatability
  • Scratch-free bending, no wear of tools
  • One-click part programming
  • Small floor space required

Multibend-Center ECO panel bender package includes:

  • Suction cup measuring table for manual blank loading
  • Magic-Eye blank scanner for optical blank measuring
  • Automatic blank transfer to the manipulator
  • Manipulator for part rotation and positioning
  • Up and down bending
  • Tool changer for automatic tool setup
  • Tools for the upper beam, bending beam and lower beam
  • Roto-foot corner tool for turning in and out of bent flanges
  • Automatic transport of the bent parts back to the operator

The total package also includes:

  • CellControl Office Software for manual programming of the bending sequences and setting up job lists
  • Online support for service and application assistance for one year

Optionally the package can be completed with:

  • Bendex Office software
    • Automatic programming of the bending sequences
    • Ranking of alternative bending sequences
    • 3D bending sequence simulation
  • Software updates of the Bendex Office software for one year
  • Folding beam with manual crowning option
  • UpDownTools for interrupted bend lines
  • Tab tools for bending welding tabs
  • Reinforced tools for 2.5 mm mild steel components

Success Stories

Pellet stove creates a feel-good atmosphere

Over the years, the pellet stove has more and more taken on the role of a well-being stove, but above all it has become a design and decoration object. The RAS Multibend Centers ECO supplies Palazzetti directly with finished enclosure parts for the stoves, which do not need to be post-processed, and this in consistent and visually flawless quality. The quality of the end product in terms of surface finish is outstanding. With the bending center, Palazzetti is highly efficient on one hand, as the automatic tool setup significantly reduces the cycle time of the machining operations. On the other hand, they are very flexible, as the automatic tooling system allows them to switch extremely quick from one program to another.

Video from RAS

Shortage of skilled workers forces automation

Kimmel GmbH & Co. KG started automating manufacturing processes more than 20 years ago. By using a panel bender RAS Multibend-Center ECO with a working length of 2560 mm, the sheet metal parts specialist from Simbach in Bavaria, Germany, is able to react very flexible to order peaks. Volker Kimmel concludes: “With the RAS bending center, we have achieved all our objectives. Easy operation, flexible response to new challenges, low space requirements, and automation within bounds to counteract the increasingly critical labor shortage.”

Press Release from RAS

Video from RAS

Technical Specs

Technical Data Multibend-Center ECO (mm)RAS 79.31-2 ECORAS 79.26-2 ECORAS 79.22-2 ECO
Working length max3060 mm2560 mm2160 mm
Material thickness max (400 N/mm┬▓)2.0 mm2.0 (2.5) mm2.0 (2.5) mm
Box height max (four sides)203 mm203 mm203 mm
Blank length max3160 mm2660 mm2260 mm
Blank width max1500 mm1500 mm1500 mm
Machine dimensions9050 x 6200 mm8050 x 5950 mm7250 x 5500 mm
Technical Data Multibend-Center ECO (inch)RAS 79.31-2 ECORAS 79.26-2 ECORAS 79.22-2 ECO
Working length max120.5″100.8″85″
Material thickness max (58,000 PSI)14 ga14 (13) ga14 (13) ga
Box height max (four sides)8″8″8″
Blank length max124.5″104.7″88.9″
Blank width max59″59″59″
Machine dimensions360″ x 245″317″ x 234″285″ x 210″


Panel Bender Multibend-Center ECO

Pellet stove creates a feel-good atmosphere

Furniture for motorcycle workshops

Multibend-Center ECO: Small batch sizes

Customer Kimmel GmbH & Co. KG

Shelves: Material flow

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