Setting new standards:

The MiniBendCenter 2 introduces high-precision servo-electrics, establishing new benchmarks in efficiency and precision. An intelligent robot now handles loading punched or laser-cut blanks and unloading the bent parts, stacking them as needed. A pallet changing station streamlines material flow by serving as a central hub for inputting new blanks and removing processed parts.

These advancements in the MiniBendCenter 2 not only ensure cost-effectiveness but also mark a significant productivity boost in automated sheet metal processing.


More highlighted features:

  • Servo-electric manipulation for bent part positioning: Utilising advanced servo-electric technology to accurately position bent parts for processing.
  • Automatic bending sequences with up and down bending: Implementing automated bending sequences that include both upward and downward bends for comprehensive part shaping.
  • Maximum precision and repeat accuracy: Ensuring the highest level of precision and consistency in every operation for reliable repeatability.
  • Unmanned operation during the night shift: Enabling fully automated, unmanned operation throughout the night shift to maximise productivity and efficiency.

The MiniBend Centre 2 applications:

  • Small bent parts: Specialised in the precise bending of small components.
  • Small electrical housings: Manufacturing enclosures for electrical components to ensure safety and functionality.
  • Internal parts for vending machines or white goods: Producing key internal components for vending machines and household appliances.
  • Functional parts: Creating essential parts that perform specific functions within larger systems.
  • Cluster parts: Manufacturing parts that are grouped together to perform a combined function.
  • Prototype parts: Producing prototype components that are intended for later tool-based production.
  • Parts with medium quantities: Efficiently handling production runs of medium-sized quantities to meet demand.

Technical Specs

Technical dataMiniBendCenter 2
Working length (for multiple tool stations)2500 mm
Blank dimension min50 x 40 mm
Blank dimension max600 x 600 mm
Material thickness max (400 N/mm²)3.0 mm
Programming3D programming system
Machine dimensions (Robotic loading)9500 x 6100 mm
Machine dimensions (Robotic loading, curved runout belt)9500 x 6100 mm


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