Pallet station on loading side

A forklift delivers Euro-pallets with blanks to the roller conveyor and takes finished pallets. The pallets either come with stacked parts or blanks in bulky boxes.

  • Multiple pallets for successive jobs
  • Feeding and removal automatically
  • Unmanned shifts possible

Intelligent robotic blank loading

Using a camera-scanner system the robotic blank loading system finds the blanks in a bulky box. The software detects the blanks in the bulky box and sends the information to the loading robot. Fed with this information, the robot grips the top blank of the box and loads it to the MiniBendCenter. In addition, the robot can grip the blanks also from stacks of material. The blanks do not need to be stacked properly one above the other. And the best: The robot must be neither be taught nor programmed. Simply start the program and the MiniBendCenter does the rest.

  • No programming or teaching necessary
  • Robot grips the blank and feeds it to the bending center
  • Unrecognized parts are sorted out

Universal vacuum gripper

The universal vacuum gripper allows loading of different blank geometries from stacks of material without a gripper change. If there is more than one stack on a pallet, the distance between the stacks must allow sufficient space for the universal vacuum gripper.

  • Additional flexibility for different blank designs
  • Ideal for unmanned production

Blank scanner

The blank scanner measures within the hundredth millimeter rangethe exact blank loading position. During the bending sequence the part will not be gauged again.

  • Fast bending cycles
  • No need for rectangular outside edges


The manipulator clamps, rotates and positions the part. As the manipulator can even move between the tools, its design opens up an extremely wide range of applications.

  • Precise positioning and rotation
  • Highest levels of bending accuracy
  • Constant repeatability
  • Small parts can be bent

Bending up and down

The folding beams of the MiniBendCenters bend up and down without flipping the part. The workpiece always remains in a horizontal position. It is not necessary moving the part up like on press brakes.

  • Easy bending sequences and easy programming
  • Fast bending cycles
  • Low unit costs

Automatic tool setup

The fast and automatic tool changer places the clamping and bending tools into position. Tools not used for a job are stored in the tool magazine. Due to its rotation axis in the gripper, the tool changer can place a tool in the upper or lower clamping beam as well as in the upper and lower folding beam.

  • Automatic tool change in the shortest possible time
  • Precise took positioning
  • Unmanned shifts due to automatic tool setups

Short transport belt

Delivery of bent parts on a short conveyor belt. At the end of the belt he finished workpieces fall into a container.

  • Cost-effective unloading solution

Linear transport belt with pushers

Delivery of bent parts onto a straight conveyor belt with sorting option.

  • A pusher moves insensitive parts into a bulk container
  • Sensitive bent parts are lined up on the belt

Curved conveyor belt with pushers

Delivery of bent parts on a curved conveyor belt. Signals in the job list decided whether a bent parts are lined up and run to the end of the belt or if they will be delivered into the boxes.

  • Up to 6 delivery stations available
  • Pusher delivery non-sensitive parts into bulk containers
  • Sensitive parts will be lined up on the belt
  • The flexible unloading concept is ideal for unmanned shifts

Technical Specs

Technical dataMiniBendCenter
Working length (for multiple tool stations)2500 mm
Blank dimension min50 x 40 mm
Blank dimension max600 x 600 mm
Material thickness max (400 N/mm²)3.0 mm
Programming3D programming system
Machine dimensions (Robotic loading)9100 x 6600 mm
Machine dimensions (Robotic loading, curved runout belt)9300 x 8650 mm


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