RAS EasyFormer-3 Highlights

  • Learn and repeat movement sequences automatically
  • Simple, user-friendly operation with no programming required
  • Consistently high-quality parts, even with less experienced staff
  • Wide range of forming wheels available for various applications
  • Wide range of stop plates available for various applications
  • Two speed ranges for sensitive and less critical jobs
  • Adjustable speed via the foot pedal, depending on level of training
  • Upper wheel adjustment in increments of tenths of a millimeter for precision
  • Left-right runs for non-circulating seams
  • Accurate positioning for non-circulating seams
  • Store sequences of frequently used components for easy access
  • Clear program management menu for optimal clarity
  • Mechanical UnLock safety function instantly opens the wheels
  • Wheel boxes and wheel key for convenience and ease of use

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Learn more about the RAS EasyFormer-3

The RAS EasyFormer-3 swaging machines with AutoTeach Function is designed to learn from the operator, resulting in consistently high-quality, repeatable parts.

The machine has three operating modes:

  • Teach mode: Used when running the first part of a production lot
  • Automatic mode: Applies the taught sequences for a series of parts
  • Manual mode: Used for one-time work

No matter which mode you choose, you can count on the EasyFormer-3 to deliver precision and efficiency every time.

The EasyFormer swaging machines offer intuitive operation through a touch panel control. The 2-axes control automatically learns and memorizes the movement sequences from the operator, making it easy to achieve precision results.

The machine also features:

  • Storage and easy selection of up to 20 programs
  • Clear program management menu for optimal usability
  • Option to store used wheels, selected stop plate, stop position, and pipe diameter if desired
  • Dimension-related setting of the upper wheel with digital display
  • Continuous or progressive upper wheel adjustment for best forming results with thin or thick materials
  • Right-left-run capability
  • Wheels reach their turning point in forward/reverse operation with high accuracy
  • Soft speed-up and slow-down at start and direction change
  • Two speed ranges for fast or sensitive work
  • Choice between mm/inch measurement units for versatility and ease of use

The RAS EasyFormer-3 comes with a high-strength, extra-large stop plate that is designed to meet the most demanding requirements.

The machine also offers other stop plates for additional flexibility, including:

  • Divided stop plate that can be used with almost all wheels
  • Stop plate for insulating pipes (RAS 12.35-3 only)
  • Special stop plate for bevel flanging wheels BD
  • Round stop for internal flanges on blanks (RAS 12.35-3 only)

With these additional stop plates, the EasyFormer-3 can tackle an even wider range of applications and deliver precise, high-quality results.

The RAS EasyFormer-3 is designed with user convenience in mind, featuring a hand lever that allows for precise positioning of the lower wheel. This ensures that both wheels are perfectly aligned with one another, resulting in precise, high-quality results.

Other features include:

  • Sensitively lower shaft positioning for optimal results
  • Ability to position the lower wheel to match the upper wheel shape
  • Central shaft adjustment with lever and scale for easy operation

These features make it easy for operators of any skill level to achieve optimal results with the EasyFormer-3.

The RAS EasyFormer-3 is equipped with an advanced safety mechanism that ensures the highest level of protection for operators. With the UnLock function, operators can quickly and easily unlock the shafts in case of emergency or power failure.

Key features of the UnLock function include:

  • Mechanical shaft unlocking for added safety
  • Quick release for easy operation
  • Effective even in case of power failure due to overload
  • UnLock function meets the highest safety standards, providing peace of mind for operators

With the UnLock function, operators can work with confidence, knowing that they have a reliable safety mechanism to protect them in case of emergency.

The RAS EasyFormer-3 is designed to meet the needs of operators, with a multi-function foot switch that can be configured to match the preferences of the worker.

The foot switch can perform one of the following functions:

  • Right-left run for added control
  • Continuous upper wheel adjustment for precise results
  • Progressive upper wheel adjustment for optimal performance

One of the key advantages of the foot switch is that it allows operators to guide the part with both hands at all times, resulting in improved precision and control. With these advanced features, the RAS EasyFormer-3 is the ideal choice for operators looking for a machine that can be tailored to their unique needs and preferences.

The RAS EasyFormer-3 has been designed with practicality in mind, featuring a container for the wheels and the allen key for wheel setup that can be attached to the rear of the machine. This creates a clean and uncluttered working area, with the container located conveniently close to the working area for easy accessibility.

Additionally, the container is positioned outside of the part manipulation area, ensuring that it does not interfere with the workpiece or the operator’s movements. With these thoughtful design features, the RAS EasyFormer-3 is the perfect choice for operators looking for a practical, functional, and user-friendly swaging machine.

Technical Specs

RAS EasyFormer (mm)RAS 12.35-3RAS 12.65-3
Center-to-center distance63 mm100 mm
Material thickness max1.75 mm3.0 mm
Working depth max255 mm400 mm
Speed max28 m/min20 m/min
Glass panel touch controlincl.incl.
Learning functionincl.incl.
Large divided stop plateincl.incl.
UnLock safety functionincl.incl.


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