DuctZipper-L: Designed for large ducts

The DuctZipper in L-shape is specifically designed for large ducts. However, it also shows benefits when it comes to small and medium size ducts. On the DuctZipper-L the working position is rotated by 45 degrees.

  • The horizontal flange of the duct rests on the table
  • The vertical flange directs straight up
  • Gripping groves simplify holding and guiding of the duct

Operating speed doubled

Large ducts can be easily and quickly positioned in the DuctZipper-L. The sheet edges will be just inserted into the guide rail and clamped with the Autopilot. There are no machine support components on the DuctZipper in L-shape and therefore the seaming process can start much quicker.

  • The second operator can already insert the following medium size duct
  • Unloading of the first duct and clamps the next duct with the AutoPilot
  • High throughput, low unit costs
  • Upright body posture eliminates back strain
  • Lower gripping heights reduce shoulder pain

Low load, high productivity

The horizontal loading and unloading of the ducts makes it completely superfluous heaving large and heavy duct cross-sections in and out of the machine.

  • Workers can operate mostly in an upright posture
  • Low gripping height due to the horizontal-vertical machine setup 
  • Low back and shoulder strain
  • Less fatigue, higher productivity, less sick leave days

Technical Specs

RAS DuctZipper-L (mm)RAS 20.12-LRAS 20.10-L
Material thickness max1.0-1.25 mm0.5-1.0 mm
Duct dimensions min140×140 mm100×100 mm
Speed15 m/min15 m/min
Machine length5750 mm5750 mm


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