Check out the highlights of the Multibend-Center ECOauto:

  • Manual blank loading with automatic blank squaring
  • Manual unloading of bent parts on the same side
  • Automatic UpDown bending sequences for maximum productivity and precision
  • Automatic tool setup for scratch-free bending and no tool wear
  • Highest level of productivity and precision for repeatable results
  • One-click part programming for quick and easy setup
  • Compact design requires minimal floor space

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  • Suction cup measuring table with brush plates for efficient and effortless blank loading
  • Optical blank scanning technology for precise measurements
  • Main manipulator with accurate positioning and rotation capabilities for consistent results
  • Automated takeover of parts by the main manipulator
  • Efficient Up and down bending sequences for increased productivity
  • Automatic tool setup with the tool changer for upper beam tools
    • Comprehensive tool set for upper beam, folding beam and lower beam
  • Seamless blank loading from a single stack
    • Advanced blank transfer system for streamlined operation
  • Cutting-edge Magic-Eye blank scanner for accurate optical measuring
  • Roto-foot corner tools designed for smooth rotation into and out of bent flanges
  • Horizontal stacking of the bent parts for easy and organized part handling.

  • Automatic loading system for a continuous supply of identical sheets from a single stack
  • Pallet stacking of bent parts in a horizontal orientation
  • Suction frame provides peeling suction cups for easy removal of the top blank
  • Quick and easy manual adjustment of suction cup positions for flexibility
  • Electrically monitored doors ensure safety during operation

  • CellControl Office Software which allows the worker to manually program the bending sequences and set up job lists
  • One year of online support for service and application assistance

  • Bendex Office software for automatic programming of bending sequences, alternative sequence ranking, and 3D simulation
  • One-year software updates for Bendex Office
  • Folding beam with manual crowning option for added flexibility
  • UpDownTools for interrupted bend lines, ensuring high precision and repeatability
  • Tab tools for bending welding tabs for added convenience
  • Reinforced tools for 2.5mm mild steel components, ensuring a scratch-free bending process with no tool wear

Technical Specs

Technical Data Multibend-Center ECOauto (mm)RAS 79.26-2 ECO-AUTO
Working length max2560 mm
Material thickness max (400 N/mm²)2.0 (2.5) mm
Box height max (four sides)203 mm
Blank length max2660 mm
Blank width max1500 mm
Machine dimensions8850 x 10900 mm


Technical Data Multibend-Center ECOauto (inch)RAS 79.26-2 ECO-AUTO
Working length max100.8″
Material thickness max (58,000 PSI)14 (13) ga
Box height max (four sides)8″
Blank length max104.7″
Blank width max59″
Machine dimensions349″ x 430″

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