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The OPTIMA has many options to choose from including partial cross cut, film application and labelling, alongside a number of optional functions to allow for a wide range of applications and the possibility for electronic order management possible.

Technical Specs

Technical specification

max. sheet metal width (coil / sheet)1,250 mm / 49“
min. sheet metal width (coil / sheet)250 mm / 10“
sheet metal thickness
steel up to 400 N/mm²
0.4 – 1.25 mm* /
29 – 18ga*
sheet metal thickness stainless
steel up to 550 N/mm²
0.4 – 0.9 mm* /
28 – 22ga*
sheet metal thickness
aluminum (AlMg3) and copper
0.5 – 1.5 mm* /
0.02“/16oz*- 0.063“/48oz*
minimum sheet metal strip width60 mm / 2.4“ (knife / knife)
15 mm / 0.6” (edge strip)
straightening unit
(automatic, progressive)
3 straightening rolls,
swivelling (optional)
maximum cutting speed30 m / min
110ft/min (adjustable)
cutting accuracyclass “m” DIN/ISO 2768
(± 0.8 mm/m) (± 1/100″/ft)
slitting (longitudinal cut)up to 8 slitting knife pairs
(0,5,6,7 or 8)
cutting (transverse cut)guillotine shear or
(optional) roller shear
film applicationmanuell (optional)
label printingmanuell (optional)
sheet metal feedingmetal sheets
coils on coil carts
coils on driven decoilers
coils from existing coil warehouse systems
coil exchange timedepending on sheet metal feeding type
maximum coil weightdepending on sheet metal feeding type
small coil – / leftover coil processingmanual feeding
maximum coil outside diameterdepending on sheet
metal feeding type
interface to recoileroptional
machine interface
software interface
OPTIMIZER-software  (optional)
or others on request (optional)


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