The Adira GH Hydraulic Guillotine Shear with its swing beam is perfect for cutting sheet material such as making cut blanks for further manufacturing operations, cutting strips of sheet metal, etc.

Simple and proven solutions and high quality of engineering and components together with the modular design of the machine have resulted into a unit that gives optimum price/performance ratio. This machine has everything that is required to deliver fast, high-quality cutting – low rake angle, automatic backgauge, CNC capability to store programs.

All of this makes the machine highly adaptable for all cutting requirements.

Technical Specs

ModelUnitGH 00420GH 00630GH 00640GH 00660GH 01030GH 01040GH 01330GH 01340GH 01360
Mild Steel (45daN/mm)mm46,56,56,51010131313
Stainless Steel (70daN/mm2) mmmm2,54446,56,5888
Cutting Lengthmm205030504050610030504050305040506120
Frame Gapmm260260260260260260260260260
Rake Angledegrees11/611/311/311/6211/2211/212/5
Blade Gap Adjustmentmm0.05 – 0.60.05 – 1.10.05 – 1.10.05 – 1.20.05 – 1.60.05 – 1.60.05 – 20.05 – 20.05 – 2
Motor PowerkW111515181515181818
Number of Holddowns91319251622162231
Back Gauge Rangemm100010001000100010001000100010001000
Transportation Widthmm218021802180228022802280228022802450
Approx. Net Weightkg500059008100150001000013500100001350031000


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