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Tired of searching for the perfect press brake tool? Ready to make tooling headaches a thing of the past? At Press & Shear, we build enduring relationships to understand your needs and simplify press brake tooling. Our expertise ensures you always have the tools you need for flawless fabrication, every time.

Let us deliver custom or standard solutions tailored perfectly to your machine and operations.

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Press Brake Tooling Capabilities

Why choose us for Press Brake Tools?

Decades of Industry Knowledge

Leverage the power of experience with Press & Shear’s years of industry knowledge. Our team of seasoned experts is on hand to guide you to the right press tooling solutions, fostering innovation and efficiency within your processes.

Fast Supply, Full Range

In the realm of manufacturing, where efficiency reigns supreme, every second is crucial. We grasp the importance of meeting tight deadlines and thus offer a swift, dependable supply of press brake tools in various sizes. This ensures you have the right tools precisely when needed. Let us assist in streamlining your operations and ensuring your production runs seamlessly.

Premium Tools from Top Manufacturers

Quality is our middle name, and our collaboration with top press brake tooling manufacturers allows us to provide you with press brake tools that deliver consistent, optimal performance.

On-site Help Across the UK

Never get stuck in a rut. Our on-site help is available UK wide, ensuring that you always have access to expert assistance from trained engineers whenever and wherever you need it.

Why is press tooling so essential?

Press tooling plays a significant role in determining how sheet metal is bent during the fabrication process. The press brake tools are situated at the core of your press brake, and the selection of the right tool is crucial to prevent unnecessary expenses for your business, in the form of wasted materials, time, and production delays.

Ensuring accuracy and quality will help you steer clear of the issues outlined above and consistently achieve precise results.

Why is accurate press tooling important?

Your press brake tool is the key component between your material and your machine’s powerful force. It determines how the metal is shaped. Choose the right tooling, and you’ll produce accurate, high-quality results. Invest in quality wear items, and you’ll get more bends for your money, improving your overall return on investment.

Looking for tailored press tooling solutions?

If the standard options do not meet your needs, our experienced team is ready to help you in acquiring tailor-made press brake tools, specifically designed for your machines. Give us a call or let us know more about your requirement below.

Press Brake

Save with Used Press Brake Machines

Looking for reliable used press brake machines? In addition to press brake tooling, we also offer a range of high-quality, pre-owned sheet metal machines. Our carefully curated selection features machines that are fully inspected and maintained to ensure optimal performance.

Whether you’re expanding your production capabilities or seeking cost-effective solutions, our used press brake machines deliver the precision and reliability you need to elevate your operations.

Explore our inventory today and discover the perfect fit for your metal fabrication needs.

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Whether you’re tackling a single project or ramping up production, Press & Shear is your partner for all your sheet metal fabrication needs, from press brake machines to press brake tooling. Achieve maximum results with cutting-edge precision and expertise you can count on.

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