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Sheet Metal Punching Machines

The sheet metal punch press is a reliable and often preferred alternative to laser profiling machines. Press and shear offer a range of servo electric metal punching machines.

These cover all essential configurations including stand alone, manually loaded, or complete with automatic load unload systems.

Our team remains on hand to help you find the perfect sheet metal punch for your business.

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Did you know...

You can part exchange your sheet metal and fabrication machinery. You’ll receive a competitive price for your existing machine which can be offset against your new investment.

Why a sheet metal punch machine?

There are a number of reasons fabrication and manufacturing businesses alike choose to opt for a sheet metal punching machine. Here are just a few advantages you should consider:

  • They are an extremely cost-effective way to complete your sheet metal work.
  • When compared with laser profiling machines they can perform faster on parts with large quantities of holes, they also offer the benefit of forming parts, such as louvers, and secondary operations such as tapping.
  • They are highly configurable. Our range of servo electric punching machines can be supplied as stand alone, manually loaded machines, or complete with automatic load unload systems.
    Your machine is fully supported with servicing available from Press and Shear!

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How sheet metal punching machines work

Whether manual in operation or automated, the basic principles of a metal punch are the same, the flat sheet is held in clamps and is moved into the correct programmed position, a servo driven ram pushes the correct size punching tool through the sheet, to produce a hole of the same size and shape of the tool.

Adding an automatic load unload system to your sheet metal press will depend on a number of factors including the quantity of metal you are punching and the overall fabrication set up you are working with. A stand alone or manually loaded system may suffice and save you money.

The advantage of more modern sheet metal technology results in increasing the machine’s capabilities and accuracy and allows the punching machine to form part of a cell including operations such as bending and welding, saving both time and money.

We recommend getting in touch with our expert team, who will be happy to help you in finding the right solution for your business.

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Save on used sheet metal punches for sale

We are fortunate to have many used machines, with a constant rotation of demonstration stock from our showroom. All of these machines have been serviced by our expert engineers and are good as new.

This means you can shop our used sheet metal equipment and cut costs seriously, without compromising on the quality of your machine. Submit an enquiry or call our team now on 01827 250 000 to receive information on the latest stock.