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Sheet Metal Guillotines are an essential tool in any manufacturing business. They make light work of cutting sheet metal ready for bending.

We pride ourselves on offering only the best product from proven manufacturers. We don’t sell anything we haven’t used in the past.

This means you are guaranteed quality when investing with us. Top brands including RAS, Yawei and Adira ensure there is a mix of machines – from our affordable entry-level guillotine to our high-end CNC model – that suit all sheet metal cutting requirements and budgets.

Find the perfect model for your needs.

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Did you know...

You can part-exchange your sheet metal and fabrication machinery. You’ll receive a competitive price for your existing machine which can be offset against your new investment.

Why invest in a sheet metal guillotine?

A sheet metal guillotine is an important tool for any industry that deals with cutting sheet metal.

Sheet metal guillotines are used in a variety of industries, ranging from construction to manufacturing. They are used to cut sheet metal into needed sizes where precision is vital, the thickness of metal can vary and the sheets can be large.

Sheet metal guillotines use a blade to cut through sheet metal with even pressure on both sides of the blade. This makes them very efficient at cutting through thick pieces of steel or aluminium quickly.

The guillotine can actually be used for a variety of tasks but is most commonly used for the basic cutting of the material into the correct size.

Finding the correct metal-cutting guillotine

The cost of a sheet metal guillotine is determined by the size of the machine and the cutting capacity. In order to ensure your get the best return on your investment, it is best to talk to one of our experts.

They can determine which metal guillotine will best suit the type of cutting you most commonly complete. They’ll also take into account the future strategy and growth of your business to ensure your investment does not become obsolete.

A sheet metal guillotine can be a very useful tool for any business that manufactures products out of sheet metal. It can help you save time and money by allowing you to cut your materials quickly and accurately.

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Top brand guillotines for metal cutting

Yawei variable rake guillotine


Yawei has developed this new generation of shearing machines with improved quality in performance and reliability.

  • Simple operation
  • High shearing efficiency
  • Cutting gap can be adjusted manually for easy operation and improved cutting efficiency
  • Quality assurance
  • Low temperature technology with great performance
  • Durable
RAS Smartcut Guilotine


The RAS SMARTcut combines all characteristics of a high-performance, premium shear. The front and side bevelled shear tables, the hardened squaring arm and the deep grip hollows simplify material handling for quick results. This is cutting efficiency at its best.

  • 2mm capacity and 3100mm cutting length
  • sheet support and sorting system
  • blade clearance can be adjusted in seconds
  • Swing beam cutting for accurate dimensions and straight cuts
  • Low rake angle for twist-free cuts
  • Long cutting blade lifetime
  • Sorting cut pieces during cutting (to the front or the rear)
  • Sheet support and sorting system reduces staffing needs
Adira GH Guilotine


The GH shear is a versatile machine with a cutting capacity of up to 13mm and 6000mm in length. It is available with Adira’s patented sheet support system.

  • Blade movement type – swing beam
  • The cutouts in the sides allow cutting sheets wider than the length of the machine
  • Backgauge has an automatic swing-up at the end of the route that allows cutting sheets longer than the backgauge route
  • The fixed low rake angle provides minimal twisting of the cut strips
  • Hydro pump – a gear pump with internal gearing. The service life of the pumps of this type is several times longer than that of conventional gear pumps

Industries that use Sheet Metal Guillotines

We support and service a wide range of businesses across the UK that use metal guillotine cutters in their daily operations. These include:

  • Mechanical fabrication
  • Engineering from all sectors
  • Steel metal fabrication facilities
  • The construction and automotive sectors

There are also many specialised uses where these machines can help. Sign making for example is a common sector where precision stell cutting is required and a sheet metal guillotine shear is the perfect solution.

Sheet metal guillotines are also used in the recycling industry where to cut sheet metal into smaller pieces.

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Why chose Press and Shear for your metal cutting guillotine?

With over 50 years in the business, there isn’t much we don’t know about the sheet metal fabrication industry. This is because our team of experts are constantly learning about the newest machines.

We invest in training with the world’s biggest and most respected manufacturers, meaning we can confidently support your business and ensure it’s running at its optimal efficiency. By offering the best range of machines possible with the most knowledgeable team in the industry, we’ve become an established name that you can trust when investing.

From the supply and installation to servicing and ongoing support of all your sheet metal fabrication needs, you know you’re getting the best.

We also offer part exchange services on old machines and a range of ex-demo and used equipment, making us even more affordable.

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