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Press and Shear offers both Hydraulic Press Brakes and Servo Electric Press Brakes to suit most applications. Call us for help or request a visit to our Tamworth based showroom, not far from the M42 motorway.

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You can part exchange your sheet metal and fabrication machinery. You’ll receive a competitive price for your existing machine which can be offset against your new investment.

What types of press brakes are there?

Whilst the choice of press brake is dependent on a number of key factors, such as, material thickness, material length, and part profile there are several smart options available, each with their own benefits.

The most common forms are hydraulic and electric press brakes. You’ll see these terms clearly labelled throughout our ranges. This defines how the brake press upper beam is powered, but also impacts several other areas.

The other common thing you’ll want to look out for is the tonnage of your press brake. This indicates the amount of force they can provide in tons. To put this into perspective, a hydraulic brake press is usually able to achieve much higher amounts of force, while a servo electric press would provide lesser amounts.

One final thing to consider is the importance of speed and accuracy. Where these are extremely important, a servo electric press brake will be your choice, with a higher degree of accuracy and faster operation than a hydraulic press brake.

Once you start to consider all of the above, you should be well on your way to finding the right press brake for your application. If you’re still not sure you can contact us online or speak to our experts on 01827 250000.

Which press brake?

When flexibility and precision is key, our range of brake presses has you covered.

Our range of hydraulic machines offer high tonnage and are capable of bending long lengths and can even be configured in tandem solutions, with a range of options, the press brakes we supply are renowned for their sturdiness, reliability and most importantly, their safety.

Laser guarding is a standard feature, across the full range of machines. There is a choice of backgauge configurations, together with a variety of CNC controls, meaning these brake presses work in your business environment without compromise.

Ensuring high accuracy, the patented Hexa-C frame, of the PA Press Brake, guarantees perfect guiding with a precision movable upper beam.

Effective hydraulics with overload protection, great energy savings with “Greendrive” system, two sturdy y axes, back gauge featuring high quality motors and drives with ball guides and screws ensures a wide range of bending solutions is possible with this press brake.

The electric, servo driven press brakes, offer the user the added benefits of lower power consumption, high speed, and accuracy, combined with reduced maintenance costs.

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If you’re looking for a used press brake then call our team now on 01827 250000.

Servo Electric Press Brakes

Press and Shear offers a range of servo electric press brakes that offers the user high levels of quality, low power consumption and lower maintenance costs.

Hydraulic Press Brakes

Press and Shear offers a wide range of press brakes, including both servo electric and hydraulic machines.