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Fibre Laser Cutting Machines

Precision and quality are the priorities when it comes to fibre laser profiling machines and our range has been carefully selected, following testing from our expert engineers, to ensure they deliver this every time. 

What’s more, our machines can be supplied in a variety of flexible configurations, meaning a fibre laser cutting machine can integrate seamlessly into your business operations. 

Explore our range of laser cutting machinery from top manufacturers below, including CNC enabled equipment. Our team also remains on hand to answer all of your questions around sheet metal machinery

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Did you know...

You can part exchange your sheet metal and fabrication machinery. You’ll receive a competitive price for your existing machine which can be offset against your new investment.

Why we love fibre laser cutting machines

Depending on the application, Laser cutting equipment, and fibre lasers in particular, have quickly become an essential addition, and the machine of choice, for sheet metal fabricators and manufacturers alike. There are a number of reasons for this including: 

  • Decreased overheads through lower operating costs and energy consumption
  • Fast cutting speeds
  • Lower footprint vs similar machines saving floor space in your business
  • A simpler beam path for ease of use when creating complex shapes
  • Clean cutting edges for a finish that doesn’t need reworking
  • The ability to cut more than just metal
  • Much lower CO2 emissions in fibre laser cutting machines vs alternatives 
  • A reduced need for human intervention depending on your machine

While this technology continues to develop and the efficiency and ease of focus are appealing, it is always important to consider if these benefits meet the needs of your business. 

Let Press and Shear ensure your success by speaking with one of our experts today. We’ll help you find the right machine for the job (fibre laser machine or otherwise), provide access to all the information you require and can even arrange demonstrations at our showroom. 

We set out to understand how you work, what the desired output is and only recommended the best equipment for that situation.

When is a laser cutting machine the right tool for the job? 

Laser cutting, as we’ve already seen, is extremely efficient and flexible, making it perfect for a wide variety of applications. Laser cutting is seen all across the industrial processing of sheet metals and is as economical alternative to conventional punching machines, dependent on the application. 

The ability to make light work of complex shapes opens up a world of possibilities as CNC Laser Machines are integration into your operations. Use your CNC laser cutting machinery alongside punching equipment for a unified production line. 

Save on used CNC Laser machines

Part of our operations is rehoming used machines that have been replaced where changing business needs have meant an upgrade is required, as well as ex-demo models that have been replaced.

Laser cutting machines are extremely well known for being great value when bought second hand and so we try to ensure a comprehensive range is available to cover all levels. 

All of these machines have been serviced by our expert engineers and are good as new. They sell fast and so many don’t even make it onto our used equipment page. As such we advise you to submit an enquiry or call our team now on 01827 250 000 to receive information on the latest stock.

Save yourself some money without compromising on the quality of your fibre laser profiling machine!

Laser Cutters In Action