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Sheet Metal Folding Machines

Press and Shear offers a versatile range of CNC folding machines. 

We are proud to supply and offer full service and support options for RAS System metal folding machines. This range of metal folding machinery covers everything from entry level to fully automated systems.

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Did you know...

You can part exchange your sheet metal and fabrication machinery. You’ll receive a competitive price for your existing machine which can be offset against your new investment.

Why choose a sheet metal folding machine? 

Sheet metal folding is an extremely common and essential part of many sheet manufacturing processes. From electrical enclosures to steel clad buildings, sheet metal fabrication makes up many essential products used on mass globally.

Many will be familiar with the press brake when working with sheet metals but folding machines are just as important. Having a metal folder in your armoury expands your manufacturing or fabrication potential and opens up a world of options for how you can work with metal. 

Curving and folding without risk of damage becomes a breeze. Having the correct equipment could pay for itself in metal you aren’t wasting through tearing, stretching or cutting.

Large sheets are much easier to handle as the main body of the sheet lays flat on the support table and is easily manipulated with one operator.

5 things to consider when looking at metal folding machines

Metal folding machines are available in many different configurations and offer the ability to fold different components with little, or no tool change required. To ensure you choose the correct folder for your application you must consider the following:

  1. What is the maximum bending length required?
  2. What is the maximum thickness of the metal you will be folding? 
  3. What is the bending direction? Is it just up or up and down? 
  4. What are your programming requirements? 
  5. What level of automation would you like? 

You may be unsure on some or all of the above specifications and that is where the Press and Shear team come in. We are experts in identifying the perfect machine for your business and picking the right folding machine could save you both time and money. 

This is because the right folding machine will ensure a fast, efficient and precise experience. Ordering a machine with capabilities you’ll never require will cost you, not just in terms of the investment, but also space on your shop floor. 

No matter the industry or project you’re working on, trust Press and Shear for the best in sheet metal folder solutions. 

Looking for used sheet metal folders for sale?

We are constantly updating our range of pre-used and demo-equipment which goes on sale at a discounted price. You can shop our used equipment here, submit an enquiry or call our team now on 01827 250 000

If you are interested in what used sheet metal folders we have for sale, we recommended completing this used machines enquiry form. A member of the team will then be able to keep you posted with the latest used equipment relevant to you.