Laser machine install at Kelbie engineering

KelBie Engineering Ltd specialises in designing and manufacturing stainless steel commercial flue systems. They recently opted to upgrade their plasma cutting machine to a fibre laser cutting machine. Press and Shear were on hand to help. 

The Requirement

KelBie Engineering Ltd specialises in high-quality, high-specification flue products to meet the design parameters of various demanding environments.

As such, they needed a precision solution that would meet their high production standards.

These high standards cover a range of sheet metal products and services, meaning any machine they invested in needed to be diverse in its ability.

KelBie also offers a short lead-time service to the commercial market, so this machine needed to keep up with demand.

The Solution

Having discussed these requirements in depth with the experts at Press and Shear, it was decided that the best solution was to upgrade their plasma cutting machine to a fibre laser metal cutting machine from Yawei.

The model selected was the Yawei HLB Fibre Laser 1530 1500mm x 3000mm with a 3KW Laser generator. This is a laser profiling machine for sheet metal fabrication known to be cost-effective, with high productivity and low running costs.

Yawei is a brand already known for its quality. Features like the autofocus cutting head of the HLB ensure a clean and quick cut every time, helping maintain high levels of efficiency and flexibility.

By choosing to invest with Press and Shear KelBie also gained access to industry-renowned aftersales support. Most importantly, they got a competitive price on this incredible machine.

Having confidence in Press and Shear meant KelBie Engineering could be sure that they made the right investment for their business. Will you do the same?

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