The success of your business depends on the right people, with the correct training, having access to the best equipment for the job. That goes for your sheet metal machinery

As we all know though, getting this mix right can be easier said than done. It can also make or break your business.

But prioritising any one of these three can be a chore. Investment in that new press brake might well come at the cost of hiring someone to operate it or training someone up internally.

Why invest in new machinery?

We believe that investment in new machinery should be top of your list. When done as part of a long term business strategy, not only can you invest and save, but your brand new sheet metal machinery will quickly pay for itself.

Here are our top 3 reasons to prioritise investment in your equipment:

1. The best machinery for the job will increase your efficiency

Many companies look to staff for efficiencies, working longer hours, offering productivity incentives or increasing the size of the workforce. All of these come at an ongoing cost to the business and set an expectation that output = remuneration. This isn’t the healthiest culture for your business.

Investing in your machinery will have a return on investment that you can calculate. New equipment can help increase the speed of output from the same employee working the same hours. You will be able to cut costs or increase your turnover from the same or less manpower. This also opens up staff to perform other tasks, and so your efficiency spreads throughout the business.

2. The right machinery for the job gives you a competitive advantage

While efficiency is important internally, it can also count when it comes to your customers. Part of the decision making process when choosing a supplier will be how they stack up against the competition.

Your potential customers will be looking at your efficiency, performance, reliability, culture, output quality and more. One of the simplest ways to demonstrate you’re the best and jump to the top of that list is an investment in new sheet metal machinery.

You’ll work quicker, meet increasing customer demand and be able to supply better quality. Once word of this spreads everyone will be coming to you first.

3. Upgrading shows your business is on the up

We’d be fools if we didn’t admit that part of running a business is rightfully ego-driven. Success comes from how others perceive our business and this image can impact from all angles.

From customers and suppliers through to your own team and competitors, the image you convey has a major impact on the relationships people build and the way you are treated.

It’s no secret then that the more on the rise you appear, the more opportunities you will get. Potential employees may pick to work with you over the competition because you have the better machinery for the job. Customers will place orders with you after seeing your upgraded service offering. All of this means your investment can pay for itself in a number of ways.

Invest in your machinery the smart way

Investing in metalworking machinery doesn’t have to cost as much as you might think. with amazing deals on pre-used and ex-demonstration machines, as well as part exchange programs for your existing machine where the value can be offset against your new investment.

However you choose to invest in sheet metal machinery, the first step should be contacting Press and Shear. Our expert advisors are ready to help you find the perfect machine for your business. Our showroom is also open so why not arrange a visit?