RAS Blechexpo 2023 Stand

From November 7th to 10th, 2023, at Blechexpo in Stuttgart, RAS unveiled its extensive range of cutting-edge sheet metal machinery solutions. One of the highlights of the exhibition was RAS’s impressive stand, where they displayed their latest innovations including the MEGAbend, the Multibend Center ECOauto, the FLEXI2bend, and advanced beading, flanging and folding machines.

Advanced Machinery for Enhanced Performance

The MEGAbend stood out with its exceptional performance and precision, capable of bending up to 6mm of steel. Its advanced features set new benchmarks in sheet metal processing. The Multibend Center ECOauto demonstrated its innovative automation functions, significantly boosting production efficiency. The FLEXI2bend was showcased as a versatile tool for various bending applications, highlighting the diversity of the RAS product line. The beading, folding, and flanging machines completed the portfolio, showcasing RAS’s expertise in forming technology.

Discover the full capabilities of RAS’s innovative machinery, including detailed specifications and videos of these cutting-edge tools in action, on our RAS Fabrication Machines page.

Redefining Exhibition Standards

RAS’s exhibition stand was a showcase of more than just cutting-edge sheet metal machinery; it was a testament to modern design and thoughtful product presentation, including live product demonstrations. These demonstrations, alongside the stand’s structured layout, allowed visitors to gain a hands-on understanding of RAS’s innovative offerings and see the machinery in action.

RAS Blechexpo 2023 Stand demo

Engagement and Positive Feedback

The trade fair was marked by active engagement, with visitors showing keen interest in the displayed machines. The technical discussions at the stand reflected a dynamic exchange on the latest trends in sheet metal processing, and the positive feedback underscored RAS’s alignment with industry needs.

Blechexpo 2023 marked a significant milestone for RAS. The event provided an excellent platform to showcase their latest technologies and innovations to a broad audience. The positive reception and feedback have bolstered RAS’s optimistic outlook for the future, following a successful showcase in Stuttgart.

Missed the Trade Fair?

For those who couldn’t attend, our knowledgeable sales team is ready to address any inquiries regarding sheet metal fabrication, techniques and products. Contact us online or arrange a visit to our showroom.

RAS Blechexpo 2023 Stand close up framed



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