Meeting Unique Customer Needs with Customised Equipment

CBC Srl, an Italian company that specialises in manufacturing customised equipment for leather goods and shoe factories, has built a reputation around efficiency and innovation in its production methods.

With their “ABC” brand and “Perseo” automatic storage system, CBC aims to make work easier, more flexible, and more ergonomic. Luigi Catalano, CBC’s Production Manager, emphasises that creativity and intuition are what distinguish Italians when it comes to developing and designing products. CBC seeks to meet its customers’ unique needs by inquiring about their wishes, even if they are very specific.

One of the secrets to their success. A sheet metal folding machine from RAS!

Transforming Production Processes with RAS Multibend-Center ECO

To fulfil these specific needs, CBC uses the RAS Multibend-Center ECO with a bending length of 2160 mm. This folding machine offers enormous speed when setting up tools and automatic up-down bending, which helps CBC to produce complex geometries that were previously impossible or only possible with great effort.

The Multibend-Center ECO is well known for its high level of productivity, with differences of almost 30% compared to other panel bending systems. With the installation of the RAS Multibend-Center ECO, CBC has converted the entire production concept to leaner processes, leading to a drastic reduction in stocks thanks to fast programming and an even faster bending process.

Achieving Energy Savings with RAS Multibend-Center ECO

CBC more than doubled its sales last year without increasing energy consumption, thanks to the Multibend-Center ECO’s energy-saving features (a considerable energy saving when compared to a hydraulic press).

CBC’s success story showcases how innovation and individual design can help meet customers’ needs while achieving greater efficiency and energy savings.

Ready to Increase Productivity and Reduce Energy Consumption?

Want to see the benefits the RAS Multibend-Center ECO can bring to your operations? From its speed and flexibility to all-around cost savings, this is a solution that is sure to help your business innovate and pay for itself.

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