What is a Press Brake machine?

A Press Brake is a machine for bending sheets or pieces of metal. They are most commonly used in the metal-working industry to bend sheet and plate materials.

A Press Brake is made up of three parts, the ram (or top tool), the bottom tool which can often be swapped out to determine the shape of the metal bend, and the mechanism that drives the ram. All forms of Press Brake machines work in basically the same way: The downward pressure exerted by the ram is used to shape a piece of metal.

Many industries use a Press Brake machine, some of the most common applications are:

  • Automotive panels
  • Airframes
  • Metal artwork
  • Furniture
  • Metal containers

The bending process starts by clamping the workpiece between a matching punch and die to form predetermined bends.

Some Press Brakes are hand-operated, while others are computerised and managed by a control panel called a CNC (Computer Numerical Control). There are many different types of Press Brakes, including two of the most popular and powerful, which are the Hydraulic Press Brake and Servo Electric Press Brake machine.

Due to the different types of Press Brake machines on the market, it can be difficult to decide which one is the best for your needs. But don’t worry, Press & Shear are here to help!

What is a Hydraulic Press Brake Machine?

The hydraulic Press Brake machine is a large machine that uses hydraulic power to apply force onto a workpiece.

The hydraulic Press Brake machine uses a hydraulic pump and hydraulic fluid to transfer the energy from the pump into the ram, giving an enormous amount of strength and metal folding capability.

These hydraulic machines are very powerful and extremely reliable.

Adira Hydraulic Brake Press Machine on white background

What is an Electric Press Brake machine?

The Electric Press Brake machine, also referred to as Servo Electric Press Brake uses electricity as its power source and does not require any additional equipment or installation.

A servo-electric Press Brake makes use of a servo-motor to make the ram move vertically.

Electric Press Brake machines have been gaining popularity because they offer a cost-effective solution for light-duty jobs. They can be used for a variety of applications such as bending and forming metal sheets, bending and forming metal tubing, etc.

Adira Brake Press Machine cut out on white background

What are the key differences between a Hydraulic and Electric Press Brake Machine?

  1. These Electric Press Brake machines tend to be smaller in size than the Hydraulic Press Brake machines, but also lack the heavy-duty features of hydraulic Press Brake machines.
  2. The hydraulic Press Brake machine is typically larger than an electric model because they require more space around them to operate. Hydraulic Press Brake machines are used for heavy-duty work.
  3. The hydraulic Press Brake machine can generate more power than an electric model, but they also come with higher costs.
  4. Hence the Electric Press Brake tends to be less expensive than the Hydraulic Press Brake.

Which Press Brake Machine is right for you?

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