Shearing machines or sheet metal guillotines are used to make straight cuts in sheet metal.

There are two common types we’re going to explore in more detail today. The first is a swing beam shear, which moves with the upper blade in a circular arc. The second is a sheet metal guillotine, where the upper beam moves up and down in a straight line.

Both movements are illustrated below. 

Guillotine: Upper blade penetration

The upper blade penetrates the material with an offset (blade clearance) to the lower blade.

Swing beam: Upper blade penetration

The upper blade penetrates the metal sheet above the lower blade.

Guillotine: After the cut is made

On metal guillotine shears, the cut is made by a linear motion of the upper beam.

Swing beam: After the cut is made

The cut is made by a pivoting movement of the swing beam. After the cut is made the upper blade moves away from the lower blade.

Guillotine: Sharp blade movement

Swing beam: Sharp blade movement

Guillotine: Blade clearance adjustment

Swing beam: Blade clearance adjustment

Guillotine: Twist-free cuts

A metal guillotine cutter uses a variable rake angle. Low rake angle for thin materials. High rake angles for thicker materials. This means the machines can be built lighter.

Swing beam: Twist-free cuts

Swing beam cutting requires a ridig shear design. The reason is the low rake angle, which is fixed for any material thickness.

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Source: RAS Online DE