Today we’re exploring the remarkable success story of SOLZAIMA, a pioneering sheet metal manufacturer specialising in biomass heating equipment and solutions for over four decades.

Through their partnership with Adira Metal Forming Solutions, SOLZAIMA harnessed the power of cutting-edge technology and automation to achieve unprecedented levels of productivity, process optimisation, and product quality.

In this post, we delve into the inspiring journey of SOLZAIMA and Adira, exploring the strategies and solutions that propelled their business to new heights, benefiting both the company and its dedicated workforce.

Join us as we uncover valuable insights from their experience and the profound impact it has had on their operations.

A Technological Leap

Prior to adopting Adira’s laser-cutting machine, SOLZAIMA relied on traditional mechanical processes. However, realising the need for a technological leap, SOLZAIMA turned to Adira for assistance.

The introduction of Adira’s solutions transformed the manufacturing landscape, significantly boosting productivity while reducing operational risks. Setups became faster, enabling SOLZAIMA to focus more on value-added tasks and enhancing overall efficiency.

A Long-Standing Partnership

The SOLZAIMA-Adira partnership spans over two decades, marked by a shared commitment to innovation and addressing automation needs. Back in 2008, when SOLZAIMA acquired its first sheet metal laser cutting machine, Adira played a crucial role in ensuring a smooth transition.

Adira’s qualified technical assistance team provided comprehensive support, including training engineers to operate the machines effectively. This ongoing partnership has enabled SOLZAIMA to continuously optimise its processes and overcome challenges.

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Customised Solutions for Unique Challenges

Adira’s machines are designed to meet the specific challenges faced by SOLZAIMA in sheet metal transformation. With a focus on smaller series and the need for greater flexibility, Adira machines provide the perfect dynamics for setups, enhancing the manufacturing process.

Tiago Brito e Faro, Engineering Director at SOLZAIMA, emphasises that Adira goes beyond being a mere supplier; they are a partner committed to providing a wide range of services, including preventive and corrective maintenance, upgrades, installations, and training.

Building Trust through Service Excellence

SOLZAIMA and Adira have a maintenance contract in place, ensuring the highest level of service and support. Adira’s Service Label Agreement guarantees prompt assistance in case of malfunctions.

Beyond repairs, the contract offers exclusive discounts on substitute components, tools, and consumables. This commitment to customer satisfaction fosters trust, making Adira not just a supplier but a trusted partner dedicated to SOLZAIMA’s success.

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ADIRA Avenue: A Testament to Success

The trust and proximity between SOLZAIMA and Adira have been further strengthened by the successful acquisition of Adira’s cutting-edge equipment. This has transformed Adira into a strategic partner rather than just a technology supplier.

SOLZAIMA’s new production unit, known as “ADIRA Avenue,” exemplifies the commitment to automation and productivity. Equipped with three laser cutters, a shear, a pressing machine, and nine press brakes, “ADIRA Avenue” represents efficiency, innovation, and productivity — a testament to the shared vision of both companies.

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Delivering Quality and Innovation

SOLZAIMA places significant emphasis on the finish and design of its products, necessitating adherence to stringent quality standards. Adira Metal Forming Solutions remains attentive to the evolving needs of the sector, ensuring that innovation reaches the production process.

By delivering tailored solutions and adding value to SOLZAIMA’s products, Adira continues to contribute to customer satisfaction and business growth. These are advantages we all benefit from. As the UK distributor for Adira, Press and Shear is able to ensure these innovations are passed directly on to you, our customers.

Your Trusted Adira Supplier and Support Partner in the UK

The fruitful partnership between SOLZAIMA and Adira Metal Forming Solutions highlights the tremendous advantages of integrating advanced technology and automation in the sheet metal manufacturing industry.

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