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Considering enhancing the efficiency of sheet metal part production in your business? In the realm of sheet metal bending, swivel bending technology and die bending are standout choices. Often, the benefits of swivel bending technology are overlooked, perhaps due to traditional adherence to the “way things have always been done”. That’s why we wanted to explore the five paramount advantages of swivel bending technology in a bid to even the playing field.

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Swivel bending technology can provide numerous benefits over traditional die bending, including but not limited to enhanced shaping flexibility, reduced costs related to tools and labour, high precision in bending, shorter setup periods, and material-conserving bending processes. These attributes make swivel bending a superior choice in industrial sheet metal fabrication, enabling the production of complex components with stringent tolerances and high quality.

1. Enhanced Production Flexibility

Swivel bending technology provides unparalleled flexibility in manufacturing parts of diverse shapes and sizes. Its adaptability facilitates the production of complex geometries and variable angles with ease, offering a significant advantage when creating components with varying bend angles and radii.

2. Minimised Tool Wear

Swivel bending technology exhibits significantly lower tool wear compared to traditional die bending. The bending process is gentler on both tools and materials, thanks to the technology’s flexible machine movements. This translates into extended tool longevity and reduced maintenance expenditures.

3. Efficient Setup & Operation

Swivel bending machines are designed for efficiency, often resulting in shorter setup times relative to die bending machines. The technology’s ability to achieve various bending angles without the need for frequent tool changes substantially reduces production timelines.

Swivel bending technology also excels in its capability to handle large sheet sizes with remarkable ease, often requiring only one operator to manage the entire bending process. This streamlined operation not only enhances efficiency but also reduces labor costs, making it an attractive solution for businesses seeking to optimise their production processes.

With the ability to handle large-scale projects effortlessly, swivel bending machines empower manufacturers to tackle ambitious projects while maintaining high standards of quality and precision.

Swivel Bending Sheet Metal Machine RAS examples

4. Optimised Material Utilisation

The gentle forming process of swivel bending technology ensures superior surface quality and minimises material deformation or damage. This aspect is particularly crucial for working with delicate materials like stainless steel or aluminum, where preserving material integrity is essential for high-quality final products.

5. Precision and Repeatability

Offering precise control over bending angles and radii, swivel bending machines guarantee high precision and repeatability in part production. This precision is vital in sectors requiring stringent adherence to tolerances and quality standards.

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