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Whether you’re looking at investing in your first press brake machine or hoping to increase your businesses sheet metal bending capabilities through an upgrade, there is one formula you need to consider to ensure you’re getting it right! 

A press brake is a machine that allows the user to effortlessly bend sheet metal. The manufacturing applications for this are limitless and businesses across the country are taking the opportunity to in-house parts of their manufacturing process or specialise in offering sheet metal fabrication.

Depending on what it is you do though will depend on the type of press brake machine you will want to invest in. Luckily, ADIRA, which are a manufacturer and global provider of engineering solutions, has come up with a simple three-factor formula for this.

The Brake Press Machine Formula

Performance + Size = Investment in the solution.

Sounds simple but many look to increase or change their bending capabilities without first considering these elements. Adira values it so much that the diversification of their entire range of press brakes and shears is driven by these three factors. But what do they mean for you?


Press brake machines are measured on a number of key performance indicators. Consider this:

  • Is it up to the levels of productivity and output you require?
  • Is the machine versatile enough to meet the different bending jobs coming in?
  • Is the machine user friendly? Will your business be able to get the most out of it?
  • Is it heavy duty enough for the job at hand? Can you rely on your press brake?

These are just a few questions we’ll ask before you invest to ensure you get the right machine.


Press brakes come in all different shapes and sizes. This can dramatically impact performance but also floor space within your business. Considering size alongside required performance will ensure you do not waste precious space within your business and can keep efficiencies high.

Investment in the solution

Adira Brake Press Machine cut out on white backgroundNow you know the required performance and the space available to work with, you can look at how the return on investment will play out over time in your new machine. Over investing in a solution that will always be too large or which is overpowered for your businesses needs can make it impossible to justify.

The investment in your brake press must balance out to meet the short and long term goals of your business.

The only missing part? Talking to our experts about press brakes for sale in the UK. We have access to a wide variety of machines and can help you find the correct equipment based on where your business is now and where it is going. We’re experts in matching the performance and size you need with the best investment.

Getting in touch is easy. You can call us, request a callback, download a brochure or even visit our showroom. All the details can be found on the contact us page.

Looking to Part Exchange a Press Brake Machine?

If you’re looking to update your brake press we’re here to help! You’ll receive a competitive price for your existing machine which can then be offset against your new investment. Your old machine will be responsibly recycled or better still, go to a new home.

Part-exchanging with Press and Shear is the quickest, easiest, and most cost-effective way to dispose of your old equipment and invest in something new. Click here to complete a form and receive a quote for your old machine online now. 

Why do we trust Adira’s Brake Press Machine Formula?

Adira Hydraulic Brake Press Machine on white backgroundAdira has over 60 years of experience, dealing with customers from across the globe. They are renowned for providing efficient responses to the most complex challenges and this proven record is why we trust this formula.

Whether it’s a simple sheet metal cutting and bending solution or a custom-designed and fully implemented automated production, treatment and storage system, they have the capabilities and know-how.