Adira at FRINOX

FRINOX, a Portugal-based company specialising in personalised manufacturing of food distribution, industrial refrigeration, pastries, ice cream, and bakery equipment, has been in partnership with ADIRA Metal Forming Solutions for 46 years.

Over the years, FRINOX has challenged ADIRA to create new solutions, and ADIRA has responded by providing tailor-made sheet metal fabrication machinery solutions that have helped FRINOX become more productive and competitive.

As the lead UK supply and support partner for ADIRA, this is something we love to see. Ready for some inspiration? Find out how the partnership between FRINOX and Adira has led to enhancing automation, simultaneous operations, and higher productivity

Watch: The FRINOX and ADIRA Success Story

How ADIRA’s Automation Solutions Helped FRINOX Achieve Growth

By automating the bending process and installing a robotised cell, ADIRA has allowed FRINOX to transform processes, resulting in increased production, time savings, and a greater focus on value-added tasks. The automation of the bending process has allowed the same operator to control both the press brake and the robotised cell simultaneously, resulting in improved productivity and growth for the company.

The strong partnership between FRINOX and ADIRA has been built on the reliability of the machines, the responsiveness of the ADIRA team, and the development of custom-designed solutions. ADIRA has always strived to be innovative, developing new technological solutions that meet FRINOX’s needs.

Press and Shear take pride in being an integral part of these benefits, working closely with UK sheet metal manufacturers to leverage the innovative capabilities offered by ADIRA. As the exclusive UK supplier and support partner for ADIRA Metal Forming Solutions, we are dedicated to helping businesses maximise their potential by capitalising on ADIRA’s cutting-edge approach.

Expanding production capabilities with ADIRA Metal Forming Solutions

The FRINOX machine park now includes five press brakes, one robotised cell, and one ADIRA shear, creating the “ADIRA Block.” Following high satisfaction with the last acquisition of a robotised cell, FRINOX has made a new order with ADIRA to acquire a larger robotised cell for even bigger process optimisation and increased production.

Their growth stands as a testament to the remarkable efficiency and outstanding return on investment made possible by the solutions offered by Adira. Are you missing a trick?

Maximising Your Manufacturing Potential with ADIRA: Partner with Press and Shear Today

As ADIRA’s exclusive UK supplier and support partner, Press and Shear provide comprehensive support and innovative solutions to UK businesses.

Contact us today to learn how we can help you enhance productivity, streamline processes, and drive innovation with ADIRA Metal Forming Solutions.



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