The number of sheet metal fabricators in the UK is constantly growing. As a result, you need to ensure your operations are easy, efficient, cost-effective and future-proof.

To help keep this at the heart of your business we’ve got 7 tips. All are benefits you’ll stand to gain by working with Press and Shear!

1. Only work with experienced people.

We’ve been in the industry since 1956 meaning there isn’t much we don’t know about sheet metal fabrication. Working with experts like our team means you make the right investment. 

Take KelBie Engineering Ltd, specialising in designing and manufacturing stainless steel commercial flue systems. After consulting with experts, they recently opted to upgrade their plasma cutting machine to a fibre laser cutting machine, and it’s completely changed their operations! You can read the full case study here.

Laser machine install at Kelbie engineering
Yawei HLB Fibre Laser machine install at KelBie Engineering ltd.

2. Trusted manufacturers are well known for a reason.

Names like RAS, Adira, Yawei and Teslamak have a reputation for quality, reliability and efficiency. Don’t risk your business on an unknown name.

Press and Shear are proud to be the main UK and Ireland distributors for all of the above and many other proven brands for press brakes, laser cutters, folding machines and more.

RAS XLTBend MAchine
RAS is just one of the many respected manufacturers we’re able to supply to the UK market.

3. Use the latest technology!

We were one of the first machinery suppliers to introduce CNC machines to the UK market. This concept changed the game for many by increasing efficiency and accuracy while reducing costs by introducing pre-programmed software and code that controls the movement of production equipment.

Using the latest technology will ensure the best results like this example from RAS.

4. Ensure you’re covered if something goes wrong.

Be it human error or wear and tear machines can go down and your business is losing money the minute that happens. Partnering with spare parts and servicing providers like Press and Shear ensures your machines stay operational, no matter if they are old or new.

5. Ensure. you’re offering all the sheet metal fabrication services you can.

Many businesses are in-housing even more fabrication with the addition of press brake tooling and guillotine shear blades. It increases efficiency and capabilities. Is your business lacking in this department?

Yawei Press Brake Machine Completed Install
Perhaps your operations could be more efficient if you had a press brake in-house?

6. Don’t forget the digital side.

CAD and CAM software has become essential for getting the most from your machines. We offer solutions for all makes of sheet metal machinery.

7. Talk tech and keep ahead of the curve.

Our final way to remain ahead of the curve is to know what’s changing and be prepared. Our highly skilled technical support staff are on hand to answer questions about old, new and future happenings. Talk to them and plan ahead to keep competitive.

Ready to talk sheet metal fabrication? You can call or visit our showroom.

Time to talk? We’re here to help.

Got a question about any sheet metal fabrication machine? Need help understanding what’s going to be the best investment for your business? Our team are here to help. 

They’ll get to know your business and operational requirements before helping you pick the right machine for now and the future growth of your business. From sheet metal bending to CNC press brakes and laser cutting, we’re got you covered.

With over 50 years in the industry backed by outstanding service and support, Press and Shear are the best people to invest with!