It goes without saying that we’d all expect a large investment to have a long lifespan. This involves some predicting of what lies ahead.

It is important that the machine you choose is suitable for your business today and in the future. Panel bending systems, such as the solutions we offer from RAS Machines, can be of great benefit to your company in the years and decades to come, but only if you make the right investment.

All too often we hear…

“I had no idea how much more economically we could be manufacturing with the right panel bending equipment” was a frequently heard statement at the last RAS TechDays event. It is something we’ve heard all too often from our own customers after they have taken delivery of a brand sheet metal machine.

To help make this investment decision easier, we wanted to share a 6-step plan, shared originally by RAS Machines. Follow the individual steps and you will have no trouble finding and investing in the right equipment for now and in the future.

Follow these 6 steps to the perfect panel bending machine investment or apply them to other machines for equal success!

1. Plan your panel bending with foresight

Before you start researching what manufacturer or type of equipment you want, you should have a plan in place. In this plan, you should define the most important areas to take into account when making your selection.

You may wish to consider:

  • Your needs:
    • What are they?
    • What equipment can fulfil them?
  • Your budget:
    • How much can you afford?
    • Are you eligible for help?
    • New or used?
  • Your company growth plans:
    • What do you want to achieve with the equipment?
    • What changes or goals do you hope this investment with help your company achieve?

2. Get hands-on with the panel bending machine – use your own parts!

If you have the opportunity, take advantage of trade fair events or in-house exhibitions. These give you the chance to have the machines demonstrated to you in detail. EUROBlech is one we’d advise keeping in the diary. Subscribing to our emails will ensure you don’t miss any others though.

With Press and Shear, individual on-site demonstrations are available to book at our showroom. You can bring your own sheet metal parts to test and have a detailed look at how the machines work. We find this gives greater peace of mind and helps you to understand how the machine might suit your business. You’ll also ask way more questions and get answers.

If you can’t see the machines in person, there are plenty of manufacturer videos available. Can’t find one? Just ask! Either way, you should see the machine bending your workpieces before you invest.

Did you know there are already over 300 videos on the RAS YouTube channel that show RAS folding machines in countless applications? We’d be happy to supply links to the machines you’re interested in or arrange a showroom visit.

3. What is included in your chosen configuration?

Make sure the machine has all the tools and features you need. If this is not the case, we can check whether the manufacturer offers other models that better suit your needs. Perhaps there are additional extras that can make it work for you?

If you’re choosing to partner with Press and Shear then you have already invested in the best service and support available. Our team of service technicians are on hand to support not only the latest equipment installed by Press & Shear but also all of our long-established installations, some of which date back more than 50 years.

This gives you peace of mind moving forward that your investment is covered and will keep on running at its best. We’re always here to back you up from training to service.

4. Consider a used or showroom model

Another great option to help you save some money while investing in the best is to look at what pre-used and ex-demonstration machines are available. While we appreciate buying used machinery can be a daunting task, it is also the foundation for many great sheet metal fabrications in the UK.

You can view our latest used sheet metal machinery listings online now as well as tips on buying and what to look out for. Our team is also only a phone call away and has access to the most recently updated inventory of used machines, including some that won’t make it onto our website.

5. Decide how you want to invest (and if you could get help)

Expensive investments require well-considered planning. Be sure to check whether there are any government subsidy programs, leasing or financing options. Find out about alternative procurement methods and make sure that the chosen method is right for your company in the long run.

Our team of experts are constantly checking and keeping up-to-date on all the latest news when it comes to sheet metal machinery procurement. We’d advise giving them a call for a no-obligation chat to ensure you’re not missing out. We’re always happy to answer your questions.

Sheet metal fabrication materiala conssultation

6. Future-proof your business

When making your investment decision, think about the future of your company.

It is wise to make sure your sheet metal machinery comes with software that is open for Industry 4.0. The software of the RAS Machines can already program bending processes automatically and calculate the required tool structures. These capabilities are only set to improve with simple software updates.

With software updates, you can continue to benefit from technological advances in the future. By purchasing sustainable technologies, you are always one step ahead of the competition.

In the hard fight for the best workers, you will also be perceived by your employees and customers as a future-oriented and attractive company.

Fast programming, fast set-up and fast work are the core components for low unit costs!


Be sure to give us a call on 01827 250000! This is the ultimate way to ensure you make the right decision when it comes to investing in panel-bending or any other sheet metal machinery. Our team prides itself on getting to know your requirements and offering the right solution for your business. We won’t recommend a machine that isn’t fit for the job.

That’s now and in the future!