RS XLTBend with Upper Beam Tools

Sheet metal fabrication is a field rich in innovation and precision, where special tools are designed to perform specific tasks with remarkable efficiency.

In this blog, we’ll explore five unique tools and their corresponding tasks that are transforming the way professionals approach sheet metal bending. From the versatile upper beam tools to the ingenious SnapTool corner tools, we’ll delve into these tools, seen on machines like the RAS XLTbend, and uncover the special tool geometries that are shaping the industry.

Whether you’re a seasoned expert or new to the field, this guide will provide insights into the technology behind bending closed profiles, the use of radius tools, the role of Bendex software, and the art of deep panel bending.

Join us as we unfold the intricacies of these five special tools and tasks, offering an understanding of modern sheet metal fabrication.

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1. SnapTool Corner Tools

The SnapTool corner tools complete a front-free tool set. These tools feature a soleplate that pivots down when the upper beam is opened, allowing the SnapTools to emerge from bent parts with side legs without the operator having to unscrew the parts from the tools.

SnapTool Corner Tools upper beam example

2. Higher Tools for Deep Panels

Higher tools are used to bend very deep panels, cassettes, boxes, or housings from a blank. High-upper beam tools are available in both the V version and the H version. Here’s an example of a 300mm high H tool.

RAS Upper Beam Tools diagram showing size
HIGHER TOOLS FOR DEEP PANELS upper beam explained

3. Bending Closed Profiles

A tool with an extra-large front clearance, known as V-XL, allows a profile to be pre-bent as much as possible before the upper beam pushes down and closes the geometry.

Bending Closed Profiles with upper beam

4. Individual Tool Geometries

Special requirements may call for individual tool geometries. A narrow tool with a free area on the right and left is suitable for very narrow profiles, for example. Another example is a milled sole tool for bending boards with stamped or pre-applied bolts or pocket nuts.

Individual Tool Geometries for upper beams

5. Radius Tools

For some materials, manufacturers recommend using radius tools when bending. The radius on the tools results in a larger bend radius, preventing cracks on the material surface and thinning of the paint on coated materials. Especially with thicker aluminium, tools with larger radii lead to excellent bending results.

Radius Tools example bends

BONUS: Bendex Software

All special tools are also stored in the Bendex software, allowing the software to consider these unique situations when automatically programming the bending process. The picture shows the SnapTools being removed from a cassette with side arms.

Bendex Software Preview

Ready to Unfold the Future of Bending?

Understanding the tools and technology behind RAS sheet metal equipment and folding machines can help in selecting the right solutions for specific bending needs. Whether it’s bending deep panels, closed profiles, or working with special materials, the right tools make all the difference. If you’re interested in learning more, understanding your options, or seeking recommendations on machine selection, installation, servicing, and more, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at Press and Shear.

As the leading UK distributor of RAS sheet metal machines, our team of experts is here to provide tailored advice and support to ensure you find the perfect solution for your bending requirements. Your success is our priority, and we look forward to assisting you on your journey in the sheet metal bending industry.



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